These types of skylights work well to open up hallways, corridors, braai rooms, covered patios and pool enclosures. They offer vaulted transparent or translucent space above and a range of arched rafters from low vaults to hemispherical skylights with glazed vertical ends. They also be used to cover building-connecting walkways and can attach to vertical walls at either or both ends. The natural strength of a curve is exploited in this light-weight skylight construction.

Barrel Vaults add height to any area and create a psychological feeling of space and volume. The transparent sheeting whether it is clear or tinted also allows you to bring the outside inside.

Hallways, Corridors, transparent or translucent they give a feeling of space and volume
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The Structure
Galvanised Steel Gutters are installed if required. Structural gutters can span 5.4m without additional support. Galvanised gutters are degreased, primed and painted in the chosen colour using exterior quality enamel paint. Cloud 9 has its own unique aluminium Barrel Vault system. This system comprises a tilting horizontal glazing bar and polycarbonate support that is fitted directly to the Structural gutter. The Cloud 9 glazing bar is fitted to this support system. Our glazing bar has an internal gutter incorporated into its design to accommodate any water that gets past the rubber gaskets. All aluminium is powdercoated in accordance with SABS specifications and is guaranteed for 15-years.

Acrylic, Polycarbonate and multiwall are suitable for use in Barrel Vaults. At cloud 9 we prefer and recommend the use polycarbonate for barrel vaults because of its almost unbreakable characteristic. Although polycarbonate sheets are more expensive than Acrylic sheets, we believe that its inherent strength makes it a worthwhile expense. It should be noted that with current technology the polycarbonate sheets perform as good as acrylic sheets in respect of fading and yellowing.

Can attach to vertical walls, and exploits the strength of the curve making it a lightweight construction.







Psychological feeling of space and volume, bringing the outside inside…………..Cloud 9 Barrel Vaults