Multiwall polycarbonate glazing system provides outstanding flexibility in design and advanced heat reflecting and light transmitting performance. An advanced construction of internal walls and chambers gives excellent insulation properties and impact strength 250 times that of glass. Both sides of the sheet have a co-extruded UV barrier which provides protection from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, giving superior resistance to outdoor weathering. Made from polycarbonate resin, Multiwall ensures high impact strength, clarity and excellent weather resistance.

The name Multiwall signifies transparent or translucent, weather-resistant multi-layer polycarbonate sheets with a UV-Protective barrier coating. The sheets can be double-layer, twin-wall or triple-layer / triple-wall. The product range is engineered to offer optimum heat insulation, economy and light weight benefits.
- 250 times more impact resistant than glass of the same thickness and are Hail resistant with hail stones measuring up to 25mm in diameter. High Impact resistance ensures safe transportation of materials to site with no risk of breakage during handling and installation.

- Easy to install and fabricate. Cutting to size can be done with commercially available tools.  Further processing by cold-curving or thermoforming possible.

- Lightweight due to the hollow sheet structure.  Further economy can be achieved by reduction in weight of supporting structures.

- Excellent Thermal Insulation properties. Extremely weather-resistant. The permanent UV-protective layer durably protects the sheets from weather degradation due to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

- Sheets can be installed up to 6m with the slope with no horizontal joints.

- With multiwall you achieve maximum light with minimum heat gains when compared to glass.
Twin Wall Rectangular Structure
Triple Wall Structure
Four Wall Rectangular Structure
Five Wall Rectangular Structure
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Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting has a wide and diverse range of applications, as diverse as ones imagination.

- Skylights.
- Pool enclosures.
- Arched domes.
- Barrel Vaults.
- Carports.
- Canopies.
- Atriums.
- Building centre Facades.

Available Colours:
Clear, Light and Dark Bronze