Today every building designer has to be aware of the need to save energy thus reducing it's carbon footprint. A large part of any energy use in a building is of course lighting. Horizontal rooflights (according to leading consultants) provide two and a half times more light than vertical windows and so when correctly used as a part of an effective technical lighting scheme, can produce specified illumination levels for particular task and a the same time save energy, saving as much as 50%.

In addition, rooflights can also add to the more 'subjective qualities' of any room, Workers preferring brighter, more naturally-lit environments. Indeed, a number of studies support the idea that natural light has positive psychological effects and thus day lighting may also increase productivity.  These studies suggest both that the human brain perceives the colour properties of natural light as "normal" and thus we respond in a positive, physical way when it is present.

Besides providing light, roof lights also provide a view of the sky and promote a sense of well-being and a 'connection' with the outside world, all without the distractions that come with views through vertical glass windows.

In fact introducing daylight into a building has been proven to be crucial for the well being, safety and efficiency of all those present in a building.

Cloud 9 Roof Window Frames are available in 48 different colours and you may choose from a range of clear, tinted and obscure glazing. They are available as opening (in a limited range of sizes). Choose from mechanical (cord or crank handle operated) or ultra-convenient electronic openers, including an automatic option triggered by wind or rain.

Suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, Cloud 9 Roof Windows are simple to install in any roofing material, including steel profiled roof sheets, fibrous cement sheets, tile and thatch.

The traditional styled flat Rooflite can be used in either a flat or pitched roof. Glazed with 'Armourplate' saftey glass.

Used in flat roof, the modern and attractive dome Rooflite will bring in a great deal of extra light and warmth to any room.

For the more contemporary and hi-tech home design, the elegant pyramid-shaped Rooflite is used in flat roofs to capture more light and airspace.

The multi-faceted design uses the latest moulding technology to add subtle detail to the pyramid concept.
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Energy saving, two and a half times more light, naturally-lit environment,
Increased productivity, Sense of well-being…………..Cloud 9 Roof Windows